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Gawin nating mas bongga ang first BayaniPay padala mo back home from the US with our Buena Mano Rate!
Buena Mano Rate
Up to $500
$1 = ₱60
Exchange Rate
In excess of $500
$1 = ₱00
Transaction Fee
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BayaniPay is an authorized agent of BDO Remit (USA), Inc. Available to California, Hawaii, New Jersey, and Alaska residents for remittances to the Philippines. Coming soon to other states! Minimum remittance is $99. Maximum amount per daily transaction is $1,999
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Buena Mano Rate?

It’s a special ₱60 = $1 rate that’s automatically applied when you make your first BayaniPay remittance. It covers up to $500 of the total remittance amount.

Who is eligible for the Buena Mano Rate?

Anyone making their first remittance through BayaniPay is eligible.

How do I avail this special offer?

Just create a BayaniPay account and make your first remittance. We'll automatically apply the upgraded rate up to $500.

Does Buena Mano Rate apply to multiple remittances?

The Buena Mano Rate only applies to your first remittance. But you’ll still enjoy zero fees and market-leading exchange rates on all your succeeding remittances, bills payments, and bank deposits through BayaniPay.

Until when can I avail the Buena Mano Rate?

The offer is only available until XX, 2023.

Does the Buena Mano Rate also cover bills payments and bank deposits?

The Buena Mano Rate only applies to remittances.

Is there a refund policy for Buena Mano Rate transactions?

Our regular cancellation and refund policy also applies to Buena Mano Rate transactions. We’ll calculate your refund based on the USD amount charged to the payment method you used.

Who should I contact if I have questions about or issues with my Buena Mano Rate transaction?

You can reach us via the following channels:

Phone: (888) 599-7280
Email: support@bayanipay.com
Live Chat:
BayaniPay Help Center

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