About BayaniPay

BayaniPay is a pioneering fintech company with the mission of enabling borderless banking for global professionals through low-cost transfers, secure payments, and charitable donations to reputable non-profits.

It is a partnership among trusted names in their respective industries: Talino Venture Labs, a global venture studio accelerating economic growth through inclusive innovation; The Asian Journal, a leading Asian American multimedia publisher; and Wavemaker Group, a cross-border venture capital firm and a regional partner of the world’s leading VC collective.

It counts among its marketing partners Seafood City, the Filipino-owned supermarket chain with the largest number of branches in the United States.

BayaniPay is a remittance agent of BDO Unibank, Inc., the largest bank in the Philippines in terms of distribution network.

BayaniPay Board of Directors

What we offer you

Get access to easy, secure, and transparent remittances—at the most affordable prices in the market! BayaniPay is a remittance partner of BDO Unibank, Inc., the largest bank in the Philippines in terms of distribution network.

Best Value

Transact with the most competitive conversion rates and lowest fees in the market. Get an even better deal with our yearly subscription that waives transaction fees.

Convenience and Ease-of-Use

Send money to your loved ones anytime in as fast as 1-2 days through our seamless digital platform. No more waiting in long lines!

Security and Reliability

A secure, reliable, and transparent financial platform, backed by the strength and security of BDO Unibank, Inc.

Why trust BayaniPay?

The Fintech Times
August 11, 2021

Having seen firsthand the impact of inclusive technology solutions in emerging markets, Talino Venture Labs developed BayaniPay, a borderless financial service for global professionals who work abroad and send money to their loved ones in their home countries all through the convenience of a web app. Read more.

Yahoo! Finance
July 28, 2021

Most global professionals in the US currently rely on brick-and-mortar remittance centers to send money back home—a process that is costly, complicated, and with limited access to other crucial financial services. BayaniPay aims to change that by delivering accessible, affordable, and secure financial services, starting with more convenient and fairer-priced remittances. Read more.

Asian Journal
July 28, 2021

BayaniPay was designed to meet the specific requirements of Asian American global professionals, who make up over 25% of the foreign-born labor force in the United States. Users can send money to their friends and families through an easy-to-use app, which can be accessed at www.bayanipay.com. Read more.

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