Frequently Asked Questions

BayaniPay FAQs

What is BayaniPay?
Who can use BayaniPay?
How do I get started?
Where can my recipient claim their remittance?
What should my recipient bring to claim a cash pickup transfer? 
Is there a limit for cash pickup? 
Can I send to other Philippine banks besides BDO Unibank, Inc.?

BayaniPay Prime FAQs

What is BayaniPay Prime?
What are the benefits of a BayaniPay Prime membership?
How much does it cost to use BayaniPay Prime?
How do I activate my BayaniPay Prime Early Access?
How long will it take for my remittance to arrive?
How much money can I send per transaction?
I’m from the US, can I be a BayaniPay Prime member?
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