BayaniPay Prime Promo


BayaniPay Prime is the premier digital remittance membership for global Filipinos, offering members zero transaction fees, market-leading exchange rates, express transfers, and other exclusive offers.

For a limited time only, users may sign up to join our Early Access Program and receive a free BayaniPay Prime Membership valid for one (1) year.

Offer Summary:
  • An early access code for a free membership, valid for a 12-month period from date of activation. Subsequent renewal will be subject to an annual membership fee of $19.99
  • No additional fees will be charged per transaction
  • Exclusive access to BayaniPay and partner events and offers
  • Membership is non-refundable and is non-transferable
  • An additional $20 credited to the recipient of the member’s first successful remittance

Early Access Mechanics

  • Only one (1) membership account is allowed per person
  • The remittance service is initially available to California residents
  • Members must be 18 years of age and over, and must:
  • Be a legal U.S. resident
  • Have a valid photo identification issued by the United States government
  • U.S. passport
  • U.S. issued Driver's License
  • State ID
  • Permanent Resident Card (Green Card)
  • Own a valid U.S. bank account to be linked with their BayaniPay account 
  • Early Access members get $20 automatically credited to the recipient of their first successful remittance
  • Remittance credits will be awarded for their first transaction only
  • Remittance credits awarded cannot be exchanged for cash
  • Any abuse of the subscription by falsifying information, duplicating registrations, and any other attempts of fraud and multiple identities, will result in a membership termination
  • BayaniPay, Inc. reserves the right to revise these terms of service at any time without prior notice
*If you cancel your membership before the end of your annual subscription, you may still enjoy exclusive BayaniPay Prime benefits until the next billing cycle

Referral Mechanics

For Referrers
  • All BayaniPay Prime members can refer new users and receive rewards, except for those with a record of fraudulent transactions
  • Members will receive three (3) unique referral codes upon completion of their first successful remittance
  • Each referral code is limited to one usage
  • Members can receive a reward for a maximum of three (3) referrals only. Once the maximum has been reached, members can no longer share referral codes with new users
  • A $20 Amazon gift card will be sent to the member for each referred user. One (1) gift card will be awarded via email 1-2 days after a referred user successfully completes registration for a BayaniPay account
  • Gift cards awarded cannot be exchanged for cash